Random Boxing Discussion

Mark G

Wasn't the garcia fight the first "worldwide" event for DAZN? I'm sure Ryan helped increase some subs ... one/two more big wins and he's a PPV powerhouse especially if he keeps up his own hype train ...

If he can learn to move his head and not drop his hands all of a sudden, he should be a powerhouse.

Everyone here has DAZN right?

Between DAZN, Azteca, Televisa, and the other Mexican channels, I'm all set.
Anybody watching the Fox card? Battle of the Caleb's in the main event, Plant vs Truax. Plant needs to impress and sell a possible Canelo fight.

Good heavyweight prospect on the undercard. Michael Coffie stopped Darmani Rock to go to 12-0, Rock was undefeated at 17-0 but ran into a left uppercut and he never recovered and the fight was stopped after another knockdown. Coffie is 34 years old and didn't start Boxing until he was 29 but he looks very seasoned in there. He was Deontay Wilder's main sparring partner in Wilder's last three training camps.