Frankie Randall Passes Away.

Former world light welterweight champion Frankie "The Surgeon" Randall passed away this morning. Randall authored one of the greatest upsets in Boxing history when he handed Julio Cesar Chavez his first defeat in capturing Chavez' 140 lb title. Randall would lose an immediate rematch to Chavez via technical decision. Frankie Randall was 59 and was battling Parkinson's and Dementia.

Frankie "The Surgeon" Randall. Gone On.
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I'll always remember Randall as the first fighter that fully cracked the aura surrounding Chavez after Whittaker dented it. He did very well in their rematch too, a fight which I don't believe he deserved to lose. It was no worse than a draw up to the point it was halted due to the clash of heads, and the momentum seemed to be shifting the Surgeon's way. Chavez wanted no part of him after that since it was clear Randall had his number.

Gone but not forgotten. RIP Champ.
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