Zab Judah vs Kaizer Mabuza, Final Predictions & R-B-R.

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    Zab Judah (40-6, 27 KOs) vs. Kaizer Mabuza ( 23-6-3, 14 KOs) for the vacant IBF welterweight title.

    Round 1

    Mabuza following Judah around the ring, not really landing anything of note. Judah staying on the outside utilizing the jab. Judah lands a left towards the end, finishes stronger.

    Judah 10-9
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    Round 2

    Mabuza lands a decent right hand to start off the action. Slight clash of heads momentarily stops the action. Judah really using those legs. Mabuza is coming forward but he can't put any meaningful punches together. Mabuza looking a bit frustrated. Mabuza lands some good body shots. Strong finish by Mabuza. Close round.

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    Round 3

    Mabuza really putting the pressure on. Good body shots by Judah. Good left by Mabuza blocked by Judah. Judah keeping it on the outside. Mabuza targeting the body. Good left by Judah.

    Judah 10-9
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    Round 4

    Mabuza doing some work on the inside. Both fighters looking sloppy. Mabuza pressuring, lands a grazing right. Good right hand by Mabuza. A right hand scores a flash knockdown for Mabuza. Judah claims it was a slip. Mabuza lands another good right hand.

    Mabuza 10-8
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    The replay shows Judah's feet were a bit tied up when his glove touched the canvas.
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    Round 5

    Mabuza pressuring. Good left by Judah. Mabuza seems to be getting comfortable. Mabuza outworking Judah. Judah potshotting. Good combination to the body at the end for Judah, which probably won him another close round.

    Judah 10-9
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    Round 6

    A hard right misses for Mabuza. Mabuza lands a grazing right. He continues to apply pressure as Judah keeps the fight on the outside. Judah digs a right to the body. Big right hand by Mabuza. Judah slightly hurt. Judah uses his legs to stay out of harm's way for the rest of the round.

    Mabuza 10-9
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    Round 7

    Judah lands a huge counter left which puts Mabuza out on his feet. The referee doesn't see how badly hurt Mabuza is as he directs Judah to the neutral corner. Mabuza is allowed to continue and a Judah combination puts him on his feet again. The referee intervenes and Zab Judah becomes the new IBF Welterweight Champion of the World.
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