Witter-Bradley spoiler.....

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Valdosta, May 10, 2008.

  1. Valdosta

    Valdosta Boxing Fanatics Moderator

    Bradley won by a split decision that apprently should have been a UD. Apparently Witter was outworked. Good I am tired of hearing his mouth. His mouth produces better than his fists. He's just not that great.
  2. The Hitman

    The Hitman Hitman

    haha, idiot
  3. Yobbo

    Yobbo Member

    Just watched it. Witter's got old.
  4. Valdosta

    Valdosta Boxing Fanatics Moderator

    Not the first time he looked like shit. The cards were crap I thought he lost by a good margin.
  5. Tug

    Tug Member

    I thought Bradley won by 4 points allowing for the 10 8 round 6. The problem was that there were too many rounds when there was very little clean work by either fighter so could be interpretted very subjectively; for me what work there was was produced by Bradley who showed a lot more desire throughout, Witter on teh other hand seemd to think he could pose and fiddle his way through. I was also disappointed with Witter's corner who showed no urgency at any point.

    Still it was good to see a neutral ref and 3 neutral judges being used.
  6. Valdosta

    Valdosta Boxing Fanatics Moderator

  7. Carlos

    Carlos ---

    I dont think Witter got old - he looked like shit against Kotelnik and Colin Lynes aswell. I had Bradley up by 3 - The highlight of the evening, was after the fight when Bradley 5 times yelled to the crowd "IN JESUS' NAME!"
  8. Tug

    Tug Member

    Leaving 90% of the crowd totally confused who Jesus is and if he was a member of the Bradley corner :lol:

    On Witter; he looked a totally different fighter against Harris in everyway, very impressive even allowing for Vivien's frailties. And the Ingles and Junior wonder why the big fights don't happen
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  9. will hatton fight him now?
  10. Valdosta

    Valdosta Boxing Fanatics Moderator

    Why would he? Witter brings nothing to the table.
  11. Jack1000

    Jack1000 Boxing Fanatic

    I had Bradley way ahead. 7-3-1, or 117-112. If you were extreamlly generous to Witter, you could go 115-112, but still for Bradley. At least the two cards in Bradley's favor were OK because they voted for the right guy, and the first 5 rounds were very close. But it was the Italian judge who had Witter ahead 115-112. And that was bullshit.

  12. Tug

    Tug Member

    To be honest it is quite likely that Witter will struggle to get any big fights again as promoters are very wary of using him due to how inconsistant he is. He rarely tries to make a fight and usually leaves the crowd feeling frustrated, historically he's not been much of a draw so promoters aren't keen on him. Given he was trying to crack the US standing still while slowly waving his lead hand in a vaguely snakelike manner interspersed with very sporadic clumsy flaily isn't going to raise his stock any
  13. Rabid Kimba

    Rabid Kimba Member

    Typical excuse but not good enough.

    Like Valdosta said, the dude was just not that good.

  14. Rabid Kimba

    Rabid Kimba Member

    At that point, I myself was praying to God to strike Bradley and those obnoxious chants of his and burn him to a crisp with a lighting bolt or something.
  15. witton_lane

    witton_lane Boxing Fanatics All-Time Great

    Witter looked like shit yeah, having said that I had it level going into the last 2 rounds, and Bradley took them both, I had him winning by 2 points.

    I was a Witter fan until last night and even though I'm slightly biased here shouldn't we be giving the 24 year old, 'never fought anyone in the top 50' kid some credit here? I thought he showed incredible maturity, ring savvy and tactical awareness to take that fight. I suspect he's not going to be the next Floyd Mayweather but he is a switched on, intelligent fighter and I enjoyed watching him work even though he beat a guy I've always been a fan of.

    Keep it up Bradley, you won a fan last night :thumb:

    LATINKING Member

    what does Lazcano bring to the table?:lol:

    that's a stupid excuse not to fight the guy. But when Witter had the belt Hatton still wouldn't fight him. so let's not pretend like losing the belt all of a sudden changes things. Hatton wasn't gonna fight him anyway.

    I just hate the argument about what he brings to the table. As if all of Hatton's carreer he's been fighting nothing but superstars. :lol:

    there is enough bums on his resume that accomplished less than Witter and that are less known.
  17. Valdosta

    Valdosta Boxing Fanatics Moderator

    Hattons fought better fighters than Witter. If he didn't want to fight Witter oh well, the guy was no star anyways. It cracks me up how so many people fall for guys who yap off at the mouth.

    LATINKING Member

    again what has Lazcano done to deserve a shot?

    I mean if the argument is that Witter even when he had the belt never earned a shot at Hatton that would mean that every oponent Hatton faces has earned a shot at the all mighty one correct? :555:

    He never wanted to fight Witter and is not because of this loss.

    It's just funny how he would never fight him yet still fights garbage like Lazcano a guy who got a gift against a shot Leija for fucks sake. :lol:
  19. Valdosta

    Valdosta Boxing Fanatics Moderator

    Lazcano is a comeback fight. Again, what made Witter so great? Was he great because he was British and talked a bunch of shit? Truth is he was never that good in the ring and hatton fought much better guys than crappy Junior Witter. Get real.

    LATINKING Member

    He has been a good fighter and became a world champion.

    The fact that he is British made it a fight that people wanted to see out there.

    If Lazcano is a comeback fight then what do you call all the scrubs he fought in his carreer.

    Hell it took the guy about 40 fights before he fought a name fighter in Tszyu

    The fact is that he avoided Witter for years. If Witter never earned a shot at him than how did all them scrubs earn a shot?

    fucking contradicting excuse.

    It's easy to talk shit now that Witter lost. But for years people wanted to see it.

    If you don't like Witter or never wanted to see the fight it's fine. But don't pull out a bullshit excuse like 30 bums on Hattons record were good enough to face him but not him. It's just silly.

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