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    This was a pretty interesting card. Donnie Nietes patiently picked apart Juan Carlos Reveco. It was a good performance but not to entertaining. He stopped him in 7.McWilliams Arroyo countered Carlos Cuadras on the way to a decision win. Cuadras was way to sloppy and left a ton of openings. It was competeive but Arroyo was the rightful winner. Lastly Srisaket Sor Rungvisai beat Juan Estrada in a very close fight. He looked much bigger than Estrada which was a big help. His punches seemed to have the bigger effect for more of the fight. Estrada countered well at times but SSR boxed pretty well also.
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    Good card. Nietes is patient to a fault, could have gotten Revedco out sooner if he stepped on the pedal. Caudras and Arroyo was a good scrap. I saw Sor Rungvisai-Estrada the same way you did a good big man beat a good smaller man. Too bad the Estrada rally ran out of steam, he tightened up the scorecards in the ninth and tenth but couldn't sustain it.

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