Spence Jr. vs Porter

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Michael Matos, Sep 28, 2019.

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    I thought Spence was a little overrated because he hasn't fought anyone exceptional at his weight. The Kell Brook win was good win but I thought he was wobbled a bit in that one. I didn't see the one last night yet, but I thought Porter would trouble him. I would have loved to have seen how Porter would have did against Mayweather. Canelo definitely lost the first GGG fight, second one was closer. GGG style requires him to use his jab as a weapon and set up punch, he needs some distance when operating and that's why he was taking a step back, he wasn't running from Canelo, that was nonsense. Both of them are exceptional fighters. It bothered me about the roid use, I think it's rampant in all sports, I didn't buy the Mexican beef excuse. As far as Lomo goes, I think he has taken boxing to another level with his training at the physical and mental methods. The pound for pound ratings are arbitrary, my opinion is it's between Lomo and Crawford with a slight edge to Lomo. If Naoya Inoue ko's Donaire with ease? TIP
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    Thats interesting that you say Spence was a little overrated because he hadnt fought anyone at 147 which I agree with... but you think Loma with only 14 fights is possibly #1 p4p? What great fighters has he beaten to get the highest honor in boxing? Linares? Campbell? Rigo? What is it about his 14 fight with one loss resume that puts him above a proven warrior 8 division champ like Pacquio who at 40 years old beat Keith Thurman? You think Loma could move up to welter and beat Thurman now? Besides his fancy moves and being the vanilla flavor of month what screams P4P king at you? Wtf am I missing?
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    He was 396-1 and beat the guy 2 times after. That counts, as many great fighters have great amateur backgrounds. You forgot to mention Gary Russel Jr. Who's only loss was to Lomo and has been dominate since. He made 4 fighters quit with a combined record of 88-3. Unheard of, I imagine so frustrated they couldn't do anything. Regarding his weight class now, he's a little small and I don't think it's his best weight. TIP
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    A little small? Manny Pacquio is 5"5 and Loma is 5"7. Manny would destroy this hype job even at 135.

    As far as his amateur record...Shawn Porter beat Usyk and Daniel Jacobs in the amateurs so how would he do against them now? In other words i dont put too much emphasis into amateur records. How many wins his opponents had combined is a fun fact but hardly a measurement for greatness. People can pad their records fighting tomato cans and taxi drivers. If the guys he beat were that good how did they lose to a guy with only 14 fights or less?
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    In answer to your last question- because he's that good. Pac is an all time great fighter, at this point in time I don't think he will ,nor would it be advisable for him to drop down to 135. Usually when a fighter has an extensive amateur background especially Olympic caliber level they do well. Of course there are exceptions, Duran is an example as well as Canelo who had little amateur experience, but in general their exceptions. To many to name but a few with good amateur experience, Ray Leonard, Pernal Whitaker, Ali, Roy Jones Jr., Oscar, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Tommy Hearns, Aaron Pryor, Howard Davis Jr. Dimitri Bivol, GGG, Floyd Patterson, Laszlo Papp, both Klitchko's , Donald Cuury and numerous more. These fighters never would have reached the heights they did without that experience. Regarding Porter, He is a handful and then some for many boxers due to his style and strength. I think he'd have been a nightmare for Floyd. TIP
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    I just came across this a couple of days ago. These were the National Golden Glves champions from 1979.

    106lb-Richard Sandoval-won bantamweight title as a pro
    112lb Jerome Coffee
    118lb-Kenny Baysmore
    126lb-Ronald Cooley
    132lb-Johnny Bumphus-Won 140 lb title as a pro
    140lb-Lemuel Steeples
    147lb-Mike MaCallum-Won world titles in three weight classses as a pro
    156lb-James Shuler
    165lb-Tony Ayala
    178lb-Leroy Murphy-Won Cruiserweight title as a pro
    Heavyweight-Marvis Frazier

    The New York Golden Gloves Champions from that same year included two fighters that would go on to win world titles as pro. Hector Camacho and Davey Moore. Tony Tucker was a Pan Am games champion in 1980. The National AAU champions for 1979 had winners Sandoval, Curry, Tucker and Tony Tubbs who would go on to win world titles as professionals.
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    tony ayala the fucking chomo....he could have been great.
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    He was an exceptional fighter.
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    Btw guys when I posted Errol Spence was exposed....understand what im saying. that's not to say he's a bad fighter or a bum. Hes a very good fighter. Hes a big strong welter weight champion. But hes definitely not the next Mayweather. I think for me the red flag was the Mikey Garcia fight. When you have a guy move up 2 weight divisions to face the champ (the real deal) the guy moving up usually gets knocked out. And Errol shouldve stopped Mikey...the way Canelo stopped Khan a guy who also moved up 2 weight classes. Want more examples? How about Kell Brook moving up to fight GGG? Or Dela Hoya moving up to fight Hopkins? If you fight a smaller guy you make a statement and stop him...not try to out box him.
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    Dlh v hop was boy vs man.
    Was a horrible fight
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