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    Tomorrow nights Welterweight title fight b took an interesting turn at the weigh in when champion Showtime Shawn Porter weighed in almost two pounds over the welterweight limit and has two hours to make weight. I usually don't watch weigh ins but being it was on FS1 I watched it. When the challenger Ugas came to the scale he hopped right on and when they called Porter he took his sweet time taking off his sweats and meandering over to the scale and the first thing came to my mind was that he knows he's overweight and sure enough.
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    Shawn Porter retained his portion of the Welterweight title with a split decision vcstory over Youdeinis Ugas. Scores were 116-112 Porter, 115-1113 Porter and 117111 for Ugas. . The much smaller Porter fought much of the fight on the outside, a strategy that Ugas wasn't prepared for.
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    I think he chose that style because of the weight issue. He's usually quite aggressive. TIP
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