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    Last night I'm watching this show on National Geographic about Bigfoots in Russia. The two Bigfoot hunters are in some remote location in Russia and are waiting for a Government representative to give them some permissions they require and in a scene from a B movie gangster scene this Mercedes Benz winds it's way down a dirt road in a cloud of dust and when it stops out jumps Nikolai Valuev. Turns out since he has retired he has been elected to the Russian Parliament and is a firm believer in Bigfoot and travels throughout Russia seeking proof of their existence.

    What was neat about the scene was that their were three young boy's who had recorded a Bigfoot on video and Valuev came to see the video and these boy's were just in awe of Valuev. Apparently cursing is frowned upon in Russia because on the video one of the boy's had dropped the F bomb and for some bizarre reason and I guess only in Russia the police got involved to investigate the profanity and when Valuev heard the profanity on the video he gave the boy a little lecture and then told him that he would smooth things over with the local authorities so the youngster wouldn't get in any official trouble. I had to laugh.
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    I always liked Valuev, don't get me wrong - anyone could see he wasn't the greatest boxer - but being 9 feet tall isn't exactly an advantage. He always looked like he really tried his best, but at the same time like there was a lot of other things he'd rather be doing.

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