Mike Tyson Back In Training

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Ringside, May 5, 2020.

  1. Ringside

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    Someone I know sent me a u tube yesterday of Mike Tyson recently training for exhibition fights for charity. I got to say he looks awesome in power and speed of punches for any age. Not sure how his stamina is by what I saw because the training on u tube was limited. His trainer is a mixed martial artist trainer by the name of Rafael Corriero. Should be fun to follow.
  2. Greenstone

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    Yeah just hope he doesn't fight any top professional fighters as those days are gone. But good for him to get fit again.
  3. Carlos

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    He looked good for his age - His problem was never punching, it was getting punched - Hardly relevant though, I imagine it will just be some exhibitions and stuff which is great - i'd happily watch him go 4 rounds against someone his age for charity, or for himself - either way is good with me.
  4. Greenstone

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    Mike Tyson on the Joe Rogan experience. Over two hours of an interview. Haven't listened to it all yet but it makes interesting listening.
  5. Hawaiianpunch

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    Thanks I saw a short clip yesterday. Funny interview.

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