Jimmy Young vs. George Foreman

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by The Hitman, Oct 25, 2003.

  1. The Hitman

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    hey guys i have never seen this fight. what interests me more tho is what happened after the match...... i saw something on ESPN classic a long time ago- they mentioned something about foreman running around naked in his dressing room afterwards or something to that affect.

    what exactly happened and why did it happen? if anyone knows that would be sweet b/c i have never caught the full ESPN classic segment nor do i have the inclination to look it up for myself haha. i would prefer one of you guys to tell me.

  2. Hut*Hut

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    I cant answer your question but I wanna say a couple of things about the fight cause I just seen it 20 minutes ago.

    Foreman looked real placid through out the fight, Im asuming the tactics were to be patient and wait for the big bomb to come and it almost worked in Rd7, but I think he might have been better served coming out agressivly.

    Also Young was fighting on instict fo tthe whole second half of the fight by his own admission. i think he was still really dazed in the post fight interviews, he sounded and looked drunk.

    Lastly and kinda vaugley relating to your question - in the last round where Foreman was letting it all hang out in pursuit of the stoppage he got rattled by a combo and hurt. As he came back to his senses you could see him looking around at the rabid crowd baying for his blood and you could see a horrible look of hurt and bemusment as if to say 'why the fuck does everyone hate me so much?'. It was actually kinda upsetting.

    I think George wanted to be popular and the crowds euphoric reaction every time he was staggered and general arrant antipathy toward him upset him.
  3. unionjax

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    Man, I'd LOVE toget another look at this fight!

    I haven't seen it since I saw it live on ABC-TV way back in '77 when I was 15.
    About the only really clear memory I have of that viewing is of the final round when Young was landing counters on Foreman & then dropped him.
    It was a hell of an upset at the time & the pinnacle of Young's career.

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