(HBO) W. Klitschko vs. Haye (July 2nd) - Predictions & Discussion

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  1. Redneck

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    i think you guys are unfair. Haye did the best in this fight. Here and there he wanted to land a destructing punch but it didnt worked for him so he secured his style again and after a while he tried again. If i read the comments of you guys he should fight like a raging bull but he is no Tyson at all. He tried everything that was in his possibilities. Till the half of the match he was leading, no matter what the point-judges say.
    I never had the feeling like in the Klitschko-fights before that this fight is already over and Klitschko is dominating with his boring style to the end of it. Did we saw a dominating Champ? No..hell, no! It was an even fight...much more even than most of you guys expected. With a little more luck Haye landed one of his fast destroying punches to turn the fight completely in his direction...but luck wasnt his partner this night.
    Klitschko wanted to destroy Haye and ko him for all the things he did before the fight but he wasnt able to do any of this actions. For me he looked helpless half of the fight.
  2. Eric0816

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    Haye talked crap for three years, ripped the british fight fans off their money with circus fights and then in the most anticipated fight in years he was content with running all night and throwing three punches in the last ten seconds for the round.

    Thats a complete joke considering what he wanted to do. He was the one constantly critizising the brothers, he wanted to bring exicentment and destruction.

    He was smarth though. He could have done the same thing two years ago but in case there wouldnt have been the opporunity use the two added years to make some easy money based on hype and talk.

    I also have to give Kimba credit. He said that after the fight Haye would be humbled and shake Wlad's hand. So much about decapitating him.
  3. Valdosta

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    Wlad moved forward and threw a ton more punches than Haye. Regardless of if they were jabs or power punches he was doing something while Haye was just worried about surviving.
  4. zboxz

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    damn the heavyweights are boring.

    it looked like one iceberg chasing another iceberg.

    Haye is no threat to either Kilt.

    Wlad is just boring.
  5. Mark G

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    He sure did a great job at ripping off the British public that is for sure!
  6. Jack1000

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    Haye became a cunt last night with all that talk and no effort. He reminds me of Jorge Gonzalez before he fought Bowe. Remember the former Cuban star who decided not to hurt anyone as a pro? He talked so much smack to Bowe, said he was gonna kill him, everyone associated with him, promised to break him in half. He even threw glasses at Bowe during the press conference for their fight.

    Bowe-Gonzalez comes at Gonzalez does shit in the ring! Absolutely nothing! A putrid farce and a disgrace of a fight. David Haye was Jorge Gonzalez non-fighting Bowe last night and Wlad was just content to win instead of getting him out of there. PUTRID!

  7. Rabid Kimba

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    Exactly ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  8. Rabid Kimba

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    It was an easy and predictable prediction...worked just like clockwork...

    :thumby: :mexsmiley:
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    Wlad, talking directly to Haye at the post fight press conference:

    “You were supposed to be aggressive,” he said as Haye sat a few meters to his left. “You were supposed to be active, supposed to knock me out. You chose the same strategy (as Sultan Ibragimov). You were very cautious, very careful. I haven’t seen anything impressive about the style you have.”

    He later said Haye doesn’t belong among elite, full-sized heavyweights. “He could have continued success against certain heavyweights. At the highest level, it will be difficult for him to challenge the true heavyweights.”

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. Rabid Kimba

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  11. Laztrooper

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    Exactly how I felt about the fight. Wlad called it perfectly in the face off. All Haye did was talk himself into a fight and then went into bitch mode. Wlad did as expected and had zero issues jabbing and controlling him to the point I forgot Haye was there. The only enjoyment Haye brought was when he got a point taken away for flopping.
  12. Laztrooper

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  13. Rabid Kimba

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    That tells you a lot about this borefest...when the most exciting part of the fight...was his point deduction for excessive flopping...

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. Jack1000

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    One of the members on my site's forum posted a picture of Haye's fucked up toes here:


    That shit does look bad. Now that doesn't really change things. What David SHOULD have done is said, "Yea, I busted my toe in training, but I am still going to go in there and give do what I can to give the fans a great fight. I have waited to long for this and so have they."

    But Haye doesn't do that. He's a con and a bitch. He OBVIOUSLY knew his toes got fucked, but he still goes on and on about going to war, breaking every bone in Wlad's body, obviously KNOWING full well because if the injury that he was going to just jab and not hit in return.

    He had no intension of backing up his words with a war of any kind. And the user who posted that pic thought that David should have pulled out of the fight. The other community members believe that he would have been crucified again if he had. But he's not exactly making friends now!

    Haye is still a bitch and pussied his way to a decision to collect his money. Could have have done better with a healthy foot? Who knows? No one wants to find out. Haye's reputation has been scarred forever because of this fight and rightfully so. We got scammed by a con man.

  15. Mark G

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    I saw the toe picture, I'm not impressed at all. If he can't take it, then he's a pussy. I'm not a pro boxer and not making millions and I played sports with a broken toe until it healed and never even bitched about it and pretended I was 100% the whole time and played half a season of baseball with a broken finger, so fuck that puto!

    Someone mentioned JL Gonzalez and how he bitched out against Bowe, but I just watched the highlights on youtube and Bowe-Gonzalez looked like Hagler Hearns for some reason!
  16. Jack1000

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    LOL!!!! Wow!!!! I'll bet there are NO HIGHLIGHTS for Klitschko Haye!!!

    Anyway, more comments from me about the Klitschkos:

    My Take on the Klitschko's

    With the exception of Lewis-Vitali or Wlad-Peter I, I still find the Klitschos boring. Even if they were American, I find them boring. I think that international countries may show more nationalistic pride toward their fighters because in America, the promoters and cable networks, along with casinos control all the big-time boxing. A lot of countries don't have that kind of backing so they will get a whole nation involved, who may not even be boxing fans, but they are there to support their fighter as long as he dominates, he doesn't have to be exciting.

    I think HBO supported the Klitschkos years ago because they had some exciting fights and HBO liked that. A networks job is to showcase fights that are exciting to the public. People flocked to get HBO subscriptions when Tyson was fighting, NOT because he was fighting great competition. They wanted to see an ass-kicking. In the American landscape, you dominate with KO's, (prime-Tyson), a charismatic and controversial personality, (Ali) a pressure fighter (Frazier) a skilled slick boxer with strong Olympic backing and fighting your nemesis and in exciting fights, getting revenge. (Leonard, Duran-Leonard I Leonard-Duran II,) Or you dominate everyone with longevity and a big KO punch. (Louis 25 title defenses, KO percentage.) The Klits may have a big KO percentage, but it takes them forever to get a "Bum of The Month" out of there, and that is only IF they want to do that.

    Internationalists watch a dominate fighter for love of country. Americans watch a fighter because there is something in what I said above that draws them in to a fighter's performance. Since the Klitscho's can't do love of country for American audiences because USA fans aren't in Germany, there is not much pride in most American's in watching the Klitschkos fight. I also blame Manny Steward for taking away the excitement that the brothers had as sluggers and turning them into safety-first boxers. I guarantee that if the Klitschkos were fighting like they used to, HBO would still be behind them.

    It than raises a great question that may be answered differently by people from different parts of the world? What is most important? Winning in a methodical way with a great record backing up those wins? Or winning in an exciting way, and sometimes losing in an exciting way, but always guaranteed great fights almost every time out? (Gatti?)

    The Klitschko brothers in my view certainly dominate, but fail to entertain in recent years. I see this as an American boxing writer and analyst. Saturday night, both Klitschko and Haye should have had a commitment, an obligation to perform, to transform and excite fans both casual and elite about this world heavyweight championship unification by doing something memorable, something special and none of that happened. We got an ending just like any other recent Klitschko fight, and the other title holder who was all bark and no bite.

    The Klitschkos are dominate champions, but at least in America, are not stars.

  17. Rabid Kimba

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    I'm not impressed with his broken toe shit either.

    Old school fighters fought with much worse shit than that...and never complained.

    Haye is a pussy...plain and simple.

    Let him fight big brother Vital...so Haye can get knocked the fuck out....and hopefull it will be the last time we hear from that shit-talker.
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    Yeah really. Plus, why on earth would he want to keep going to the ground and having to get back up if his toe was that sore?

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