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    Harold Lederman passed away today. Before joining HBO Lederman judged over 100 title fights Including Holmes vs Spinks and Ali vs Norton III. There is an ESPN 30 for 30 about Ali -Norton III and Lederman breaks down why he gave the decision to Ali and after listening to him you do see the fight in another way. Harold Lederman was 79.

    Yesterday crowd pleasing heavyweight contender "Smokin" Bert Cooper passed away. Cooper was a damn good puncher but he didn't have the chin or conditioning to win his biggest fights, notably against Evander Holyfield and Michael Moorer after having both of them on the canvas. Cooper died of pancreatic cancer, he was 53.

    Harold Lederman and Bert Cooper. Gone On
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    Sad news for boxing. Bert Cooper was a savage. He was a pure brawler if only he had the Holyfield chin he wouldve been unstoppable.

    As for Ledderman im being honest here... never liked him. I thought he was bias for the hbo fighters and he annoyed me more than Teddy Atlas. But Im not glad he died may he rest in peace.

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