Canelo Alverez vs. Rocky Fielding

Discussion in 'Boxing News and Discussion' started by Ringside, Oct 17, 2018.

  1. Ringside

    Ringside Retiree

    Just got an email from the Garden that Canelo Alverez with make his NYC debut December 15. I read about Fielding and not sure why anyone would want to see this fight live except to see Alverez in person. Any thoughts? I can't make it for family reasons but otherwise I'd consider going as the number of good live fights in my region except for possibly the ones in Brooklyn are dwindling.
  2. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    he's doing the pacquiao, moving up in weight and challenging the biggest piece of shit champion in the division to add another belt to his resume.
  3. Hawaiianpunch

    Hawaiianpunch Banned

    You mean like your pochito idol Delajoto who ran from Trinidad like pussy then he moved up to 154 to challange the great Champion Castillejo and became a 5 weight division champ.
  4. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    yes, exactly.....why?
  5. Hawaiianpunch

    Hawaiianpunch Banned

    Im just saying fool if you werent saying shit about it them why you hating on a Mexicano for doing the same. Canelo just fought the linear champ at 160 twice he earned the right to fight a tune up type fight. You cant fight war after war. It doesnt make sense and no boxer does that. I dont see what the problem is. Your opinion is bias against Canelo thats already been proven. No real boxing fan gives a fuck what you have to say about canelo here....maybe at fb or some other fucked up rican boxing forum they do.
  6. mex fighter

    mex fighter Meqcksykin

    you're not gonna cry........are you?

    you sound upset because I'm right.

    you probably talked shit when Oscar did it but now that your hero is doing it, you don't say shit about it and act like you're on the rag when someone else mentions it.
  7. Hawaiianpunch

    Hawaiianpunch Banned

    No disrespect to other races. Before i get called a racist for talking bad about fightbeat I just dont like that forum because it has a diffrent style. This forum was started to discuss Mexican and Mexican american boxing. I have nothing against ricans or their forums but they have a diffrent style. Theyll never have our style and ill never want to have their moreno know how they say the n word all the time. We have our own unique style we dont copy anybody. Thats why I post right here.
  8. Michael Matos

    Michael Matos Member

    Have we seen the end of Canelo at 160? If he looks and feels comfortable at 168 he might just stay there.

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