Boxing's Dirty Tricks

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    Found this floating on the Web:

    I haven't seen any posts on dirty tricks, or illegal tactics, so I thought I'd post a few, and hope others list some as well. Though I'm not suggesting they should be used, it's good to be at least familiar with them to better defend oneself.

    To best utilize dirty tricks, you must know where the ref is, and use them where the ref can't see them.

    1. Holding the ropes. If you get a runner along the ropes and he's escaping, you can grab the ropes and keep him from exiting. This one's hard to hide from the ref, so you'll probably get called on it. If you fake a left hook to grab the ropes, it's possible to hide it.

    2. Lacing. Usually punches are thrown with the laces facing you. Turning the fist exposes the laces to your opponent. If a guy's cut, you can really open a wound by lacing it. Throw a rising left, ref on your opponent's right (hiding the punch), your palm facing him.

    3. Head Butt. Many guys come into you with their heads coming straight in, ala Tyson Hollyfield. You don't have to do a billy goat at him. Let his motion into you do the damage, but always hit with the top of your forhead, the soccer line between the forhead and the flat of the head. It's the head's hardest point. It can do alot of damage, and hurts like hell. Again, do it when the ref can's see the foul.

    4. Stepping on feet. It's very upsetting to one's rhythm and balance to have your foot stepped on. Runners especialy hate it. Stepping on the foot will take him out of his game for a moment; he'll likely make a motion to complain. Full attack a moment after stepping on the foot.

    5. Elbows. Looping punches can be followed up with elbows. Look at the classic shot Marciano gave Jersey Joe - Rocky threw his patented looping right hand, bent his forearm slightly, and creamed him full on with an elbow. Very punishing.

    6. Shoulder shots. If the ref's on your right, and your opponent is moving in with his head by your left cheek, you can throw your shoulder int his face.

    7. Thumbs. Though today's gloves are such that there's little hand movement, if you can get some mobility to your thumb you can shoot it with a jab to the eye. This is a particularly nasty shot, because detatched retinas and blindness can result. Greb lost use of his eye from a thumb by Kid Graves (I believe that was the guy). 'Course, Harry was one of the (if not THE) dirtiest fighter in the game. Greb said of Kid G, "He had a better thumb than I had."

    8. Body Blocking. When an opponent comes in, lean into him and bump his chest hard with your shoulder, sending him back, and attacking hard when he goes back. The ref is likely to come between, but before that you might be able to blast him with some shots, since he's likely to be out of his game for a spell.

    9. Holding behind the head. Ali was a master of this. Watch his matches with Joe Frazier. Let a smaller opponent, or an opponent who keeps his head low feel your weight, over and over. It's ennervating. Scoop his right hand with your left, trap it with your arm against your side. Hold him behind his head with your hand, elbow in, and lean in and down. Do it with your friend, and you'll get a sense of the attrition that will follow repeated use of this tactic. Always, in clenches, try to make your opponent carry your weight.

    10. Leg/Hip punching. A slug to the thigh or hip can cause serious damage to a runner. It's hard to run with a friggin charlie horse! The punches that hurt Ali the worst after his first fight with Frazier were the shots to his hips! The best way I know to camaflage those punches are wide weaving to the side preceding up hooks. "Accidentally" hit those vulnerable places.

    Of course, the most obvious wasn't there - the hard belt to the family jewels. Up from the floor, right between the legs so the cup won't protect too much. Golota-Bowe, baby.

    Hurts a little, eh?

    C'mon winner, stand up like a MAN
  2. who are some of your 'dirty' fighters?
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    The best dirty fighter I ever was Eusebio Pedroza. He was the best dirty fighter I ever saw and on top of that he was the best dirty fighter I ever saw.
  4. holyfield's head butts

    hopkins..though you could argue he is a "crafty, old school type of fighter"
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    I heard it was an elbow that Mosley caught Vargas with , not a punch, and that's what caused that second head to grow out of his eye in the first fight.

    Floyd always shoves his elbows and forearms into his opponents face and throat to keep distance and avoid infighting. He should have been penalized for it against Hatton but instead it was Hatton who ended up getting a point taken away.
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    Nothing dirty about the way Hopkins disposed of Oscar De La Hoya:

  7. well, other than many people questioning whether the body shot was "legit"...
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    What's not legit about a left hook to the liver? The fact that it made an Olympian with a more than creditable pro record look like a punk?

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